Deadline for entries: November 17th

Stage 1 listening by the judges of The 10th Coopers AMP is nearly over.

The initial stage of the judging process has our judging panel listening to every Australian artist album release in 2014 - the results of this form the Longlist.

To complete stage 1 in a timely fashion so that the judges can set about creating a Shortlist we have set a deadline of midnight on November 17 for us to be notified of any 2014 Australian artist albums.  For albums being commercially released after this date we still want to listen so we asked to be linked to advance online copies asap.

Please advise us of releases by emailing:  Or by visiting us in Facebook and sending a message.

The Longlist so far numbers 47 (see below) but please note that this is not final - there are still around 50 albums being listened to by the judges with an anticipated 30 or so that we're yet to be notified about.

Want a taste of the Longlist?  The Chairperson of the judging panel, Dave Faulkner, has been asked to create a playlist featuring a track from most (43) albums which are on the Longlist - you can listen to it by following this Spotify link (please do!).

The Longlist - so far:
(Like our Facebook page in order to know as soon as albums are added)

#1 Dads - 'About Face'
Allday - 'Startup Cult'
Angus and Julia Stone - 'Angus and Julia Stone'
Augie March - 'Havens Dumb'
Ball Park Music - 'Pudding head'
Bird Traps - 'The Colour Fields'
Blank Realm - 'Grassed Inn'
Bored Nothing - 'Some Songs'
Briggs - 'Sheplife'
Buried In Verona - 'Faceless'
C.W. Stoneking - 'Gon' Boogaloo'
Dune Rats - 'Dune Rats'
Mia Dyson - 'Idyllwyld'
DZ Deathrays - 'Black Rat'
East Brunswick All Girls Choir - 'Seven Drummers'
Chet Faker - 'Built On Glass'
Firekites - 'Closing Forever Sky'
Fishing - 'Shy Glow'
Guerre - 'Ex Nihilo'
Harmony - 'Carpetbombing'
Harts - 'Daydreamer'
Hilltop Hoods - 'Walking Under Stars'
HITS - 'Hikikomori'
HTRK - 'Psychic 9-5 Club'
Laura Jean - 'Laura Jean'
Joelistics - 'Blue Volume'
John Butler Trio - 'Flesh & Blood'
Tom E. Lewis - 'Beneath The Sun'
Lowlakes - 'Iceberg Nerves'
Lowtide - 'Lowtide'
Kate Miller-Heidke - 'O Vertigo'
Nun - 'Nun'
One Day - 'Mainline'
Caitlin Park - 'The Sleeper'
The Peep Tempel - 'Tales'
REMI - 'Raw X Infinty'
Richard In Your Mind - 'Ponderosa'
Emma Russack - 'You Changed Me'
Sally Seltmann - 'Hey Daydreamer'
Seekae - 'The Worry'
Sticky Fingers - 'Land Of Pleasure'
Straight Arrows - 'Rising'
Sweet Amphetamines - 'Duke'
Tape/Off - 'Chipper'
Teeth & Tongue - 'Grids'
Thundamentals - 'So We Can Remember'
Total Control - 'Typical System'

Longlist Announced For 10th Coopers AMP


Thursday October 23, 2014

The 10th Coopers AMP is set to return for yet another round of discussion and debate in the search for the best album of 2014.

Allday, Chet Faker, REMI and DZ Deathrays are among the 36 acts up for the $30,000 prize pot, up for grabs courtesy of PPCA, who is the Founding Sponsor and principle partner. The requirement for entry is that records are not re-releases, Best Of ‘s or compilations. Furthermore, albums must have a minimum of nine tracks or at least be 33 minutes and 20 seconds in length.

An expert industry judging panel consisting of 15 members will be scrutinising all entries, with every album released for the first time between January 1 and December 31 this year eligible to enter.

Dan Rosen, Chief Executive Officer of PPCA stated, “PPCA is delighted to again be on board as the $30,000 major prize sponsor of The AMP – a prize that has remained close to our hearts since its inception a decade ago. Continued support for local artists has been the cornerstone of PPCA for over 40 years, therefore we are honoured to have been the major prize sponsor of the Australian Music Prize since day one.

“2014 has been an exceptional year for excellence in Australian music and we are eagerly looking forward for the winners to be announced.”

Cam Pearce, National Sales and Marketing Director at Coopers Brewery said, “Coopers has a history of supporting live music and local talent and The Coopers AMP is one of Australia’s most respected music prizes which is now in its 10th year. As the sole remaining Australian owned brewery, Coopers continues to support local artists The Coopers AMP.”

Kate Vale, Managing Director Australia & NZ of Spotify (the AMP’s industry sponsor) added, “Spotify is proud to return as the official Industry Sponsor of The Coopers AMP, an integral partnership that forms part of our ongoing commitment to local artists and our great Australian music industry.”

Last year’s winners of The Coopers AMP were Big Scary; who joined the list of past winners that includes Hermitude, The Jezebels, Lisa Mitchell and Augie March.

The Longlist so far is:

#1 Dads – About Face
Allday – Startup Cult
Augie March – Haven’s Dumb
Ball Park Music – Puddinghead
Bird traps – The Colour Fields
Blank Realm – Grassed In
Bored Nothing – Some Songs
Briggs – Sheplife
Buried In Verona – Faceless
Caitlin Park – The Sleeper
Chet Faker – Built On Glass
C.W.Stoneking – Gon Googaloo’
DZ Deathrays – Black rat
East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Seven Drummers
Fishing – Shy Glow
Harmony – Carpetbombing
Hilltop Hoods – Walking Under Stars
HTRK – Psychic 9-5 Club
John Butler Trio – Flesh & Blood
Kate Miller-Heidke – O Vertigo
Laura Jean – Laura Jean
Lowlakes – Iceberg Nerves
Mia Dyson – Idyllwyld
Nun – Nun
One Day – Mainline
REMI – Raw X Infinity
Richard In Your Mind – Ponderosa
Sally Seltmann – Hey Daydreamer
Seekae – The Worry
Straight Arrows – Rising
Sweet Amphetamines – Duke
Tape/Off – Chipper
Teeth & Tongues – Grids
The Peep Tempel – Tales
Tom E. Lewis – Beneath The Sun
Total Control – Typical System

The winner of the 10th Coopers AMP will be announced in March 2015.

Meet the 10th Coopers AMP Judges

One of the most important things we have to do in running this prestigious prize each year is to select a group of impartial judges. They are the people who volunteer their time and energy to choose the best Australian album of the year. The main qualities we look for in a Coopers AMP judge are:

- a passionate love of music
- the time and dedication to listen to a LOT of music 
- an appreciation all types/genres of music regardless of their personal taste
- an ability to communicate the greatness the greatness of albums they are judging with other members of the panel

On top of that, from the very first prize 10 years ago, we decided that we would only invite people to be on our judging panel, who:
- are music retailers and as a part of their job must listen to new releases every week and understand them so as can best sell them to their clientele
- are music media and as a part of their job must listen to new releases every week and understand them so as to best write about them for their readers or listeners
- are established musicians and as a part of their life thrive from listening to great music created by others
- do not work for labels or publishers or agencies where bias may be embedded even if not obvious

To be invited as a judge by the Prize Director, a person must have been highly recommended by other industry folk - they are known for their 'great ears' and their passion for music.  They then must agree to some basic rules - for example:
- not filing judgments until they have listened to an album from start to finish (in many cases, many times)
- understanding that 1, 2 or even 3 or 4 great tracks doesn't necessarily equate to a great 'album'
- declaring any possible personal or business connections to artists that we need them to listen to and being prepared to step down as a judge if need be

Having said all that.... we are extremely pleased to announce the composition of the judging panel for The 10th Coopers AMP:

Dave Faulkner - Chairperson of the panel. Dave is in the 'established artist' category (the Hoodoo Gurus) - well known to most. Dave contributes so much more as Chairperson - allocating albums to judges to listen to then advising the Prize Director when the judges would like an album Longlisted.
Bernard Zuel - MEDIA at the Sydney Morning Herald.
Bryget Chrisfield - MEDIA at NEW to the panel this year.
Chris Berkley - RETAIL at Red Eye Records.
Chris Johnston - MEDIA at The Age.
Christopher Powell - RETAIL at Blackwood Sound.
Jen Cloher - EST. ARTIST. NEW to the panel this year.
Mike Glynn - RETAIL at JB Hi FI.
Mikey Cahill - MEDIA at The Herald Sun.
Myf Warhurst - MEDIA at Double J. NEW to the panel this year.
Nate Nott - RETAIL at Polyester Records.
Sam Lockwood - EST. ARTIST - The Jezabels.
Sarah Smith - MEDIA at NEW to the panel this year.
Shannon Logan - RETAIL at Jet Black Cat Music.
Tim Levinson - EST. ARTIST - Urthboy

When the Shortlist of this prize is announced we want people far and wide to think 'well, not all 9 are albums I would have put there.... and it's missing a couple of albums that I would have definitely voted for. However, the judging system appears to be run with integrity, honesty and impartiality - and their judges know what they're doing - so I'm pleased with the list.'

Big Scary win the 9th Australian Music Prize!


Wednesday  March  5,  2014 

resizedimage600239 CoopersAmp


Big  Scary  win  the  9th  Australian  Music  Prize! 


The 9th Coopers AMP is proud to announce Big Scary as the winner of the 9th Australian Music Prize for their album ‘Not Art’, and recipient of $30,000 in prize money courtesy of principal partner PPCA. Big Scary’s Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme first emerged from Melbourne’s music scene in 2006, and ‘Not Art’ is their second album. Stimulated by the dense production ethic and clipped, sampled nature of hip-hop, the pair took the genre’s distinctive sound and found unique approaches to apply it to their uncluttered pop sensibilities.

Joanna Syme said, "We're huge fans of the AMP -­‐ any award that has bands like The Mess Hall and Eddy Current Suppression Ring in its short history of winners has gotta be doing something right. That's why it's a huge honour to be awarded this year's prize. We'd like to acknowledge and praise all the other artists -­‐ Short-­‐ listed, Long-­‐listed and beyond. There's been a bunch of Australian albums made in the last year that we're in awe of. Thanks so much to Coopers and to the judges for putting in the long (but surely enjoyable?) hours of listening and organising. This prize shines a spotlight on albums that might not have a place in other award categories. Cheers!".

Big Scary were officially announced as the winner at the invite only Amped Up in Conversation event – presented by PPCA and Coopers – held at the Basement in Sydney, attended by the Shortlisted artists along with industry and media.

Dan Rosen, CEO PPCA said, “Support for local artists has been the cornerstone of PPCA for over 40 years, therefore we are honoured to have been the major prize sponsor of the Australian Music Prize since day one. We hope PPCA’s $30,000 contribution will assist in developing Big Scary’s career and help take their music to the world.”

As long time supporters of local talent in Australia, Cam Pearce, National Marketing Director at Coopers, AMP’s Naming Rights Partner said, “It is testament to the award (AMP) that so many great bands see the benefit in being involved with such a respected industry award. Coopers has a proud history of involvement with Australian music.”

Amped Up in Conversation featured Grammy Award winning album producer Steve Lillywhite as this year’s international guest speaker, who has worked with such artists as The Rolling Stones, U2, Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds and Morrissey.
Steve Lillywhite said, “The quality of all the Shortlisted artists was exceptionally high. I especially like Big Scary, the sonic quality of their album works really well.”
Big Scary’s album ‘Not Art’ was selected by the 11 member judging panel made up of artists, journalists and music retailers from across Australia including Dave Faulkner (Chairperson), Bernard Zuel (Sydney Morning Herald), Renee Geyer, Tim Levinson (Urthboy), Chris Johnston (The Age), Mikey Cahill (Herald Sun), Mike Glynn (JB Hi FI), Christopher Powell (Blackwood Sounds, Adelaide – retail), Shannon Logan (Jet Black Cat Music, Brisbane – retail), Chris Berkley (Red Eye Records, Sydney – retail) and Nate Nott (Polyester Records, Melbourne – retail).
AMP Founder and Director Scott Murphy said, “Our ongoing aim has always been to seek and recognise Australian music of excellence across all genres. Big Scary’s win is a reflection of everything we set out to achieve each year. Big congratulations to Jo and Tom who, thanks to PPCA, have $30,000 to continue making great music”.

The Coopers AMP has the unique distinction of being the only music award that doesn't separate artists by genre or other arbitrary distinctions. Every album has an equal chance of winning the AMP, whether it is commercial or one from the musical "fringe", electronic or acoustic, experimental or traditional.
The 9th Coopers AMP was proudly supported by PPCA as Principal Partner for the ninth consecutive year, and Australia’s leading music streaming service Spotify were warmly welcomed as a new Industry Sponsor. This year’s AMP also featured the inaugural Highly Regarded list of 25 artists, whose albums were recognised alongside the Longlist.

The handpicked group of 43 artists who made the 9th Coopers AMP Longlist, became a smaller select group of 9 Shortlisted artists on January 26.

Big Scary were chosen from the group of Shortlisted artists, which this year includes Beaches (‘She Beats’), Big Scary (‘Not Art’), Cloud Control (‘Dream Cave’), Dialectrix (‘The Cold Light Of Day’), Horrorshow (‘King Amongst Many’), Jagwar Ma (‘Howlin’’), Jen Cloher (‘In Blood Memory’), Jimblah (‘Phoenix’) and Kirin J Callinan (‘Embracism’).

Big Scary’s win follows Hermitude who were the 2012 Coopers AMP winners.

For further information on the 9th Coopers AMP please contact:
Valerie MacIver, VMPR: / 02 9415 1424

Screen Shot 2014 03 06 at 4.45.16 pm

The Full Shortlist Announced!


Sunday January 26, 2014


The Full Shortlist Announced!


The 9th Coopers AMP is proud to announce the list of nine artists who have been Shortlisted for this year’s Award, following the deliberation of the judging panel that have spent countless hours listening to all of the eligible albums from all genres of music.

 Selected from a Longlist of 43 artists, alongside the inaugural Highly Regarded list of 25 artists, the 9th Coopers AMP Shortlist in alphabetical order is:


The 9th Coopers AMP Shortlisted Albums

‘She Beats’ by Beaches

‘Not Art’ by Big Scary

‘Dream Cave’ by Cloud Control

‘The Cold Light Of Day’ by Dialectrix

‘King Amongst Many’ by Horrorshow

‘Howlin’’ by Jagwar Ma

‘In Blood Memory’ by Jen Cloher

‘Phoenix’ by Jimblah

‘Embracism’ by Kirin J Callinan


The Shortlist was officially unveiled at the Shortlisted! event held at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne on January 26.  Shortlisted! was co-hosted by singer-songwriter Ella Hooper and Tim Levinson, aka Urthboy, and featured performances by Shortlisted artists Kirin J Callinan, Beaches, Jen Cloher and Dialectrix alongside headliners and 8th Coopers AMP winners Hermitude.


Scott B. Murphy, Founder and Prize Director, said, “Nine years on and I still don’t know how the judges pull it off – selecting nine great albums from over 300 that they listen to! Yet again our Shortlist shows what amazing Australian talent is out there and that the world needs to hear it. The ninth shortlist is particularly impressive as it contains two artists who have had earlier albums Shortlisted.”


Two of the artists in this year’s Shortlist have made the Shortlist in previous years – psych-rock five piece Beaches were previously nominated for their 2008 self-titled album, and Cloud Control were the 2010 AMP Winners for their debut album ‘Bliss Release’.


Having both released a second album in 2013, Beaches are now nominated for ‘She Beats’ while Cloud Control are nominated for ‘Dream Cave’. Like its predecessor, ‘She Beats’ reflects a love for 60s pop, 70s psych, shoe-gaze, prog, Southern boogie and Krautrock, while for Cloud Control, ‘Dream Cave’ is the result of periods of seclusion, persecution and exposure to the musically sublime and ridiculous. Unlike their debut, ‘Dream Cave’ sees the band cut loose from their roots and embrace a spirit of experimentation.


Big Scary’s Tom Iansek and Jo Syme first emerged from Melbourne’s music scene in 2006, ‘Not Art’ is their second album. Stimulated by the dense production ethic and clipped, sampled nature of hip-hop, the pair took the genre’s distinctive sound and found unique approaches to apply it to their uncluttered pop sensibilities.


Dialectrix is regarded as one of the most prolific MCs and hip-hop performers in the country. The passionate lyricist released two albums and an EP ahead of his third studio album, ‘The Cold Light of Day’ which has made the 9th Coopers AMP Shortlist.


Hip hop duo Horrorshow’s much anticipated third album ‘King Amongst Many’ stormed to #2 on the ARIA Album Chart and #1 on the iTunes album chart in 2013. In addition to making the 9th Coopers AMP Shortlist, ‘King Amongst Many’ was nominated for an ARIA Award and j award.


Jagwar Ma set out to create a sound that would capture their love for contemporary electronica and classic American Soul, Joe Meek and King Tubby, vintage drum machines and radio frequency manipulation, and improvised percussion. ‘Howlin’ is their debut album.


It’s singer-songwriter Jen Cloher’s third album ‘In Blood Memory’ that has seen her make the 9th Coopers AMP Shortlist. Jen’s first album ‘Dead Wood Falls’ saw her nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Female Artist, while her second album ‘Hidden Hands’ was named one of the top ten releases of 2009 by The Age and nominated for three Age EG Awards.


Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory, he is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop. Jimblah’s ‘Phoenix’ album quickly peaked at #1 on the AIR Chart.


Kirin J Callinan is Shortlisted for his debut album ‘Embracism’. Produced by Kim Moyes (The Presets) at his home studio in Sydney and mixed in the upstate NY home studio of Chris Taylor (CANT, Grizzly Bear), ‘Embracism’ shows Callinan’s signature shards of six string wizardry, distinctive croon, demented machismo and laconic sincerity.


March 5 will see the announcement of the 9th Coopers AMP Winner, who will be awarded $30,000 courtesy of PPCA. The Coopers AMP has the unique distinction of being the only music award that doesn't separate artists by genre or other arbitrary distinctions. Every album has an equal chance of winning the AMP.



For further information on the 9th Coopers AMP please contact:

Valerie MacIver, VMPR: / 02 9415 1424

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